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RunwaySense - New Service Bulletin

A new version of BACF is available on A320. This new version provides the same functionalities for more aircraft configuration.


Service Bulletin (BACF V4.2)

There are two SBs for the different configurations, available since January 2021:

  • SB 46-1170 = A320 CEO family
  • SB 46-1171 = A320 NEO family


A320 SOFTWARE / HARDWARE Pre-Requisites

  • ATSU software standard: 
    • Pre-FANS minimum CSB7.2, or
    • FANS A+ minimum CSB7.2, or
    • FANS B+ minimum CSB6.5, or
    • FANS C minimum CSB 9.2.3
  • ATSU hardware standard: 
    • C40 / C50 / C70 (Pre-FANS, FANS A+(1)), or
    • A10 (Pre-FANS, FANS A+, FANS B+ or FANS C)
  • FWC standard: minimum H2-F6
  • SDAC standard: minimum H2-E2(2)
  • DMC standard: 
    • EIS1: minimum V60, or 
    • EIS2: minimum S5


(1) If ATC ARINC 623 software (FIN 23TXSW1) is not installed

(2) There is a limitation of SDAC H2-E2 is used. BACF will not be able to detect in pedal braking mode, only Autobrake MED.


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