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AIRBUS Braking Action Computation Function (BACF) key information

RunwaySense allows airlines and airports to precisely assess and report runway conditions by using AIRBUS aircraft as a sensor. RunwaySense is based on the AIRBUS Braking Action Computation Function (BACF), which is a Free-Of-Charge software released by NAVBLUE in 2019 on the AIRBUS A320 Family Aircraft, in return the airline agrees to direct the ACARS messages to NAVBLUE’s RunwaySense Web-platform.  

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Prerequisites and deliverables

The Customer prerequisites for BACF v4.2 are available hereBACF prerequisites

The Supplier deliverables are:

  • Service Bulletin (SB)

     There are three SBs for the different configurations:

             - SB 46-1170 = A320 CEO family

             - SB 46-1171 = A320 NEO family

             - SB 46-3166 = A330 family

     Media P/N: LA2T0P20040S0C1

  • RunwaySense Web-Platform

     Access your own data in real time through the RunwaySense Web-Platform or API plus 2 years of history of data

  • Customer Support

     Customer support 24/7

     eLearning via NAVBLUE ACADEMY

     Personal credentials to access the Web-Platform 

ACARS message content

ACARS message does not content any sensitive information. An ACARS message size is maximum 208 bytes and is sent only when a braking action is detected; this represents approximately 30% of the landing. 

The ACARS message transmits to the ground a set of data generated by BACF software:

  • Message type (error or normal)
  • Flight Number (from FMS)
  • Destination airport (from FMS)
  • Aircraft and Engine Type
  • Time message was sent
  • Error Code (if applicable)
  • GPS position(s) (to identify landing runway and geo-localize the braking action zones along the runway axis)
  • Ground speed(s) at start and end of each braking action zone(s)
  • Overall average braking action computed
  • Braking action computed for each zone (up to 3 separate identification zones if applicable)


  • A320 Family Aircraft 
  • A330 Family Aircraft
  • A220 and A350 currently under review
  • Non-AIRBUS not applicable 

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